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Flags For Praise

Hello; Welcome to Flags For Praise, a division of Glorious Creations. We work with many different artisans to provide you with a worship adornment that will be as close as possible to what the Lord is showing you to use in Praise and Worship. We have been in the marketplace ministry/business since 1996. Our motto for success has been "From God's Heart to You Hand's". By clicking onto the link which will take you quickly to our main store at Revival Worship, you will find one of the largest selection of Flags available anywhere. Our Flags come with a pole included in the price of the Flag. Most of the flags are on swing poles. This means that they have a tube on the pole that the flag slides onto that will enable you to spin your flag without it getting tangled. You will also receive a Free teaching/Demonstration DVD. plus scriptural validation information on the Flag. You have a choice of a Flight Friendly length pole that will fit in your suitcase 33" in length or the regular size pole of 36". You will receive the same size flag on either pole you choose. This is to accommodate new airline regulations of extra charges for items, such as flags that won't fit in a suitcase.

Get ready to go on a creative adventure as you look through our pages, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the perfect Flag or Banner that you have been searching for to use in your Liturgical Dance Presentation or to wave during worship and praise in your church Sanctuary or at a Conference . Shalom and Blessings to You as you Worship!!



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